"I listened with awe and wonder at presenting such a difficult subject matter in such a strong method of communication."
- A, Vienna

"Excellent work! Can’t wait to see the finished opera!"
- J, Burnaby, BC

"WOW! This is absolutely gripping. kudos for bringing some humanity to an otherwise stereotypically represented group of Canadians. You have elevated it (notated speech) to a new level. I can't tell you how exacting this whole project is and I can't wait to see it further developed. Bravo and Brava"
- A, Halifax

"You are so gifted and touch the heart of issues while still beating."
- F, Vienna

"Wow! What a powerful script and stunning score! We can hardly wait to see the production! We would also like to support the production and will make a donation in June."
- O, Halifax

"What a gift of a role and what a beautiful piece of art you’ve made. Truly a joy and honour."
- M, Halifax

"Thank you for including me in this wonderful, ambitious project."
- M. Parrsboro

"Excited to see where this show goes next!"
- H. Halifax

""Wow! I watched it twice, once on a small screen and then I enlarged it for a second time through.
Music and filming background: Fabulous! I loved to watch the movement of the water in the sunlight."