Current Production: The Heart of Things

A stressed-out fisher hangs himself from his mast. He wants attention for his problems, but no-one knows what to do. The composer for The Heart of Things takes the musicality of fisher's voices into a full virtual musical score to speak about a suicide in the community vernacular. 

Check out our exciting production details for The Heart of Things October 22-27, 2024

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Upcoming Productions

Human Trafficking - a young lawyer uncovers her own 'at home' trafficking while representing two survivors. Inspired by actual survivor art, in the beginning their own graphic drawings, Human Trafficking builds the stakes and losses of Nova Scotia’s human trafficking trade - our numbers are the highest in the country. With visual artist, Curtis Botham


Past Productions

Kill Zone a love story

Desert trauma follows a Nova Scotian soldier home in the shape of three vicious crows. Veteran’s Emergency Transition Services president Jim Lowther wrote, “ explains better than they could speak about what is going on with them.” Dr. John Whelan, a veteran himself and Lead Psychologist, Whelan Psychological Services Inc. advised on triggering protocols and was in attendance for every performance. Heat was invited to present the play at Thrive! a tri-level government initiative to promote healthier options for military members. Heat was invited to present from the production in person and in  photogrpahic ehibition in Vienna 2019 to inaugurate UNESCO"s World PTSD Day and was featured on the cover of the International Theatre Institute's September 2019 newsletter.