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HEAT Theatre, Halifax, is a not-for-profit theatre society that develops and produces Canadian plays that meld art and issue in brilliantly theatrical, uniquely Canadian, issue driven productions. HEAT’s Artistis Director is award-winning Nova Scotian writer, director and actor Wanda Graham. For five years she was Artistic Director of Stage East Theatre in Halifax where she produced 13 shows, including nine new plays, four musicals and nine touring shows. Kill Zone a love story is Part Two of her military trilogy for theatre. BRAT, Part One, premiered at Neptune Theatre. As its premiere production, HEAT Theatre presented Kill Zone a love story, directed by Kent Stetson. 

…a Nova Scotian soldier returns home after an unspeakable crime in the desert. Trauma follows him in the shape of three vicious crows. In a letter to Heat Veteran’s Emergency Transition Services president Jim Lowther says, “it explains better than they could speak about what is going on with them.” Dr. John Whelan, a veteran himself and Lead Psychologist, Whelan Psychological Services Inc. advised on triggering protocols and was in attendance for every performance of the show. Heat was invited to present the play at Thrive!, a tripartite initiative to promote healthy options for military members. Heat was invited to present the play in Vienna at the inaugural World PTSD day.