Curtis Botham's work

Follow Curtis' Artistic Journey for The Heart of Things

This expansive charcoal drawing, originating from a photo captured during a voyage on a lobster boat from Lunenburg, encapsulates the raw essence of commercial fishing. The chaotic aftermath of this endeavor, with its scattered remnants of lobsters and fish, finds an artistic parallel in the presence of gulls, ceaselessly trailing fishing vessels and waterfronts. As "The Heart of Things" delves into themes of mortality, predation, and life sustained by scavenging, the portrayal of a seagull seamlessly intertwines with the narrative. Meanwhile, the artistry behind the scenes is equally awe-inspiring. Crafted on a  canvas of 4 x 5 ft, the process involved meticulous gridding, intricate pencil sketches, and the gradual infusion of charcoal to breathe life into each square.